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Introducing the Ferrum Collection

Introducing the Ferrum Collection

Carbon steel, a true culinary hero and all-around dream material.

It’s the star of the show in our Ferrum collection, designed and artisan made at our family owned, proprietary factory in the Basque Country of Spain. Designed for the most discerning cooks and anyone wanting to bring true professional performance to their kitchen. Designed to last and perform for a lifetime.

Our Ferrum line is constructed of high quality, premium thickness carbon steel. This professional grade material provides for the best possible performance, durability and versatility. We’re talking premium heat response, conduction and high heat capabilities.

With the ability to cook everything from tender eggs, delicate crepes, a perfectly seared steak or seafood, a gentle saute of fresh vegetables, the high heat remand of stir frys and perfectly crisp potatoes, Ferrum will handle anything you throw at it with ease. Perfectly suited for use on any cooktop and in the oven, ferrum is an absolute workhorse and will deliver a perfect finish, every time.

At Lacor, we’ve created our pieces with a classic raw carbon steel finish as well as a super high quality, PFOA-free non stick finish to streamline your day to day and give you all of the benefits of carbon steel without the maintenance of seasoning. We believe that quality should be as customizable as you are unique.

 Image of Ferrum Carbon Steel Pan with a steak

The Specs

  • High quality, 2.5mm carbon steel for the best performance and versatility.
  • Riveted handles for strength and durability.
  • Raw or non-stick finish to suit your lifestyle and needs.
  • Designed for use on any cooktop or the oven.
  • Professional quality materials for professional performance.
  • Designed and artisan made in Bergara, Spain.
  • Designed to last a lifetime.

Check out the full Ferrum carbon steel collection here.

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