A vintage black and white image of the Lacor founder in New York City. The image has the text A vintage black and white image of the Lacor founder in New York City. The image has the text

Quality wares make quality experiences. Cook, share & connect.
From our family to yours, welcome Home.

Family Tradition

Lacor Menaje was founded in the Basque Country in 1949 by Marcos Larrañaga. Lacor is the coming together of two families, and the union of two names, Larrañaga and Cortabarria. This family tradition has propelled Lacor forward, from the small factory within which its legacy began to the international company it is today. It is said that in any given Spanish home and restaurant, you will find Lacor’s wares. It is a brand trusted by the most discerning chefs and by the most discerning home cooks in Europe’s culinary epicenter. 

Our Heritage

Today, it is Marcos Larrañaga’s grandchildren who continue the legacy of their family and of the Lacor brand. It is thanks to that tradition of family, craftsmanship and excellence that Lacor continues to create superior cookware.

In that tradition, we bring you Lacor Home. Family owned and operated in the US. We are thrilled to share and grow our legacy with you and to share our passion for quality, value and connection. 

Lacor Home was created by sisters Sarah & Devon Shires. 

Sarah & Devon each spent time living and working in The Basque County of Spain and it is through those experiences that their love for Lacor pieces began. Lacor is quintessential to the Basque cooking experience and was the staple line both in the homes and professional kitchens in which they fell in love with the Basque Country, its culinary legacy and with this family-owned company and its wares.

It is that nostalgia and undeniable quality that fueled their passion for sharing these pieces with you. More than anything, Sarah and Devon love high-quality products that facilitate memorable, quality experiences.

In that focus, after many years and lots of life, Sarah and Devon have brought together their passions for food, quality and connection to bring you Lacor Home. Being able to bring factory-direct, high-quality crafted kitchenware to US kitchens is something they are thrilled to share and they look forward to bringing that quintessential tradition of LACOR HOME to you.