On the stove since 1949.

Cookware for every need and every level of performance.

Vintage Lacor Cookware Photo

Basque Quality & Design since 1949

Family owned and operated for over 70 years, Marcos Larrañaga founded Lacor in 1949. Since then, his tiny workshop has evolved into an international company supplying top quality cookware worldwide. Lacor is representative of Basque tradition, rooted in entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for quality and craftsmanship.

Vintage Lacor Cookware Photo

Preferred by World Class Chefs

Immersed in Europe’s culinary epicenter, the company’s evolution and growth has been hand in hand with the New Basque Cuisine revolution that started in the 1970’s. Today our products are found in discerning homes and restaurants around the world. Lacor is the preferred choice of chefs from small eateries to 3 Michelin starred kitchens.

Lacor Historical Factory

Direct From Factory Value

We believe that quality and value should go hand in hand. So we chose a direct-to-consumer approach to bring the highest value possible to the American home chef. No middleman. No overpriced cookware. All the quality you deserve. From our factory to your home.

"It feels like the pan my grandmother used. I'll never forget that pan hanging in my kitchen growing up. My grandkids will probably remember this one the same way."

- Erin, Chicago IL


Lacor Family  

Family Tradition

Today, it is Marcos Larranaga’s grandchildren who continue the legacy of their family and of the Lacor brand. It is thanks to that tradition of family, craftsmanship and excellence that Lacor continues to create superior cookware.