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The Benefits of Carbon Steel Cookware

The Benefits of Carbon Steel Cookware

In the vast landscape of cookware, carbon steel stands in a class of its own.

It’s been the professional chefs’ choice for years and is steadily making its way into the kitchens of discerning home cooks and culinarians looking for a professional upgrade and unrivaled performance.

So what exactly is carbon steel and what sets it apart? And why have chefs turned to it as their go-to under the high stress demands of line cooking? When we break it down, the answer is pretty clear.

Carbon steel is an ‘alloy’ made of 99% iron and 1% carbon. That 1% makes all the difference. While its cousin, cast iron, has a relatively stiff and brittle composition that makes it prone to breakage, carbon steel is distinctly more durable. It also drastically reduces the weight of the pieces and allows for chefs to achieve and maintain extremely high cooking temperatures, quickly and evenly, without the concern of damaging the pan. 

Carbon steel is one of the most versatile materials available. Just as adept at handling delicate items such as eggs and puff pastry as it is at producing a perfectly seared steak or pan roasted potatoes. Pair that with the ability to go straight from cooktop to oven and you get superior performance and versatility. 

Image of Carbon Steel Grill Pan by Lacor Home

Carbon steel is an absolute workhorse. It’s a one stop shop for searing, baking, caramelizing, braising, sauteing and broiling. This is thanks to carbon steel’s ability to reach and maintain high heat quickly, respond to variation in heat, as well as its lighter weight, non-stick capacities, strength and durability.

Designed and manufactured in our proprietary factory in the Basque Country of Spain, we’ve put together an amazing line up of carbon steel in our Ferrum collection. We offer both raw carbon steel and high quality non-stick to streamline and simplify day to day use and eliminate the need to season the pieces. 

We’ve created guides for seasoning, cleaning and maintenance, troubleshooting and daily use tips. Check it out to master your carbon steel.

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