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The Benefits of Cast Aluminum Cookware

The Benefits of Cast Aluminum Cookware

The perfect everyday cookware? Cast aluminum.

It’s a go-to for everyday dishes thanks to its lightweight, quick heating and cooling and its ease of use. It is a material that’s as versatile as you need to be for those weekday meals.

Aluminum is an excellent heat conductor, as well as being durable, scratch resistant and rust resistant. Super easy to clean (especially with a great non-stick coating) as well as easy to maneuver, you’ll quickly find a special place for aluminum cookware in your kitchen routine.

At Lacor Home, our aluminum cookware is cast from single pieces of high-quality aluminum, making each piece seamless and durable. Paired with an ideal thickness of the material, it also guarantees the most even heat possible.

Each piece is fortified with a super high quality, PFOA-free non-stick coating to ensure that cooking and clean up are a breeze and each meal comes out perfectly. Our cast aluminum cookware is made with a sandwiched base for the best possible heat distribution and conduction.

This specially designed base alo renders the pieces induction friendly, something that aluminum alone cannot boast.

To see the full line up of our favorite everyday pieces, check out our Eco Piedra and Stilo lines.


Eco Piedra Collection

Perfect for everyday use and easy clean up.

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Stilo Collection

Stylish and durable yet lightweight. 

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Image of the Lacor Home Stilo Cast Aluminum Cookware Collection