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Introducing the TriMetal Collection

Image of the Lacor Trimetal Collection

Allow us to introduce you to TriMetal.

Created for culinary professionals and enthusiasts looking for top quality and performance. Designed and artisan made at our family-owned factory in the Basque Country of Spain, this line is designed for quality, durability and a perfect finish, dish after dish.  

Made of stainless steel clad, TriMetal features a sandwiched construction of 18/10 stainless steel, aluminum and a stainless steel and iron blend throughout the entire construction of the pan, yielding a line that is designed to perform and last a lifetime. This makes for the best possible heat distribution and retention for pieces that perform with consistency, control and without hot spots. All highly polished for a professional feel and superior stick resistance.  


The Specs

Graphic image of a Lacor TriMetal pot showing the three-layer construction of 18/10 Stainless Steel, Aluminum and 18% Stainless Steel


  • Three-ply stainless steel clad: aluminum sandwiched between layers of 18/10 and 18% stainless steel.
  • Attractive high-shine polished exterior with a sanded satin finish interior.
  • Clad throughout the entire construction of the wares, ensuring even conduction of heat from the base to the walls or every piece.

Image of Lacor Trimetal cookware being used by a chef to cook colorful peppers and onions in a white kitchen


Heat Retention

  • Suitable for use on any cooking surface, including induction and the oven
  • Maximum heat distribution, retention and efficiency.
  • Riveted handles made of 18/10 stainless steel designed for function and security, complete with silicone grips for heat resistance and comfort.
  • Lids made of tempered glass and constructed with a steam vent to prevent pressure build up. Finished with silicone rims for crack resistance, maximum heat retention and efficiency.


  • Available unfinished and with PFOA-free, high quality non-stick.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Designed and manufactured in our family-owned factory in Bergara in the Basque Country of Spain. 

Image of the Lacor TriMetal stainless steel cookware collection, designed in Spain

Check out the entire TriMetal collection here and see for yourself why Lacor is the choice of some of the most discerning chefs in the world.