Eco Piedra

ECO PIEDRA is made of single-bodied cast aluminum, finished with scratch-resistant, non-stick coating, and reinforced stone finish.

To maintain longevity of your cookware, we recommend hand-washing ECO PIEDRA products.

ECO PIEDRA fry pans are not oven-safe, due to the Soft Touch silicon handles. When using the Plancha in the oven, please remove the silcon grip covers.

Yes! ECO PIEDRA is compatible with all types of cooking surfaces, including induction.

ECO PIEDRA non-stick pans are coated with the TRIcapa (3 layers) Eclipse Plus eco-friendly, PFOA-free non-stick coating, offering extreme hardness, durability and safety. All of LACOR HOME products use a non-stick coating that is eco-friendly and PFOA-free.

ECO PIEDRA's handles are made of high quality, heat resistant silicone for safe, easy gripping. However, with prolonged exposure to heat, the handles may become hot to touch. We always recommend using caution when handling hot cookware.